When it comes to lunch, students deserve a break

When it comes to lunch, students deserve a break

By Nick Forbes, Round Table Opinion Editor

One of the worst things about Middletown High School is by far the lunches. From the dried and burnt chicken patties, to the infamous just-add-water mashed potato powder, I think we can all agree that the MHS lunches are not the most appealing thing in this school.

Don’t get me wrong, the lunch staff is great, and it’s not their fault that they’re forced to serve this “lunch” to students.

On the other hand, a cold lunch brought from home can be a little less than satisfying as well, which brings me to my point; why are we, as high school students, not allowed to leave school campus for lunch?

For juniors and seniors, most of us already have our driver’s licenses anyway; we could be there and back before lunch is over, no problem. Some juniors and seniors are even under the impression that they CAN, in fact, leave for lunch.

Just two weeks ago, a few friends of mine were issued after school detentions simply because they left school on their assigned lunch shift to grab some subs from Subway about a quarter mile away. They even waved to the people in the front office as they left, and the secretary’s office made no effort to stop them.

Middletown offers PLENTY of delicious options for lunch that make a school lunch look like nothing more than wet dog food, and yet the students of MHS are forced to enjoy the latter.

The problem, as the administration will tell you, is liability. That’s understandable considering that anything that happens to students off campus during school hours is their responsibility.

But how easy would it be to put in a new rule to fix this growing complaint by students? For starters, the administration could put a new clause in the school syllabus stating that students are responsible for themselves when leaving school property for any reason.

If your parent chooses to sign the clause, then you’re set. Go out and get some food that won’t come back to haunt you by fourth period. Maybe make this type of thing a junior and senior privilege, but either way a simple solution could fix this big problem here at MHS.