MHS student expresses her opinion about divorce


By Aniston Morris, Round Table entertainment editor

Obviously divorce rates have been rising for years. The reasons behind that are varied and not all divorces will be for the same reasons. Divorces are allowed to ensure that anyone can leave an uncomfortable relationship, but I’m afraid too many people are simply jumping into marriages.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert recently announced their divorce, shocking many. Frankly, the news did not come as a surprise to me at all. The beginning of their relationship seemed to be very rushed and their lives are not the kind that make it particularly easy to have a marriage. Besides, they do not seem to be the kind of people that would really try very hard.

I watched The Voice and many people on Twitter, Instagram, etc. complained about Shelton’s flirtatious behavior. ‘It comes with the lifestyle,’ I wanted to say, but I kept quiet. Since when are celebrity relationships ever real?

In all honesty, it’s ridiculous that relationships of people we don’t even know, matter so much to us. Not to mention the fact that relationships in modern day times are often based off of the fantasy relationships celebrities have.

To sum this up, I think that relationships should be personal and special rather than public and faux.