MHS student shares her experience during her last field hockey game


By Emily Delauter , Round Table reporter

Now that the 2015 field hockey season is over, along with my last time playing field hockey ever, I thought that I would recap the season. In my last slice of life I talked about how we were going to the semifinals game. Well we went, and the outcome was not exactly what I wanted.

We were warming up like we always did before every game and preparing ourselves mentally. Before every game we hold hands and pray right before the refs call the coaches and captains to talk about the rules of the game.

Everything was all so rushed. We barely had any time to warm up which freaked us out a little bit. Before we knew it, we were on the field waiting for the ref to blow his whistle and start the game.

In the first five minutes of the game, I step on a stick and rolled my ankle. You could say I was down and out for the count. It took me a little bit to get up, but I did and tried to run on it like normal.

Normal wasn’t possible at that point. I stayed in the game for about 10 minutes after that. I wasn’t doing much and I wasn’t very much help. So coach finally decided to sub me.

When I came off the field I knew that I had to wrap my ankle if I had any chance of going back in. While all of this was happening, the other team had scored two goals.

Our spirits had fallen as we saw our chances to go to states get slimmer and slimmer. When half time came around, our coach tried her best to give us the talk about how we are still in it, how we can still win.

The second half began and my coach still hadn’t put me back in yet. Finally, with six minutes left in the game I was allowed to go back in. At this point in the game the score was 0-2 so our hopes of going to states were gone. We finished the game out as a team, and even though the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, we were all happy with how far we had come.

I couldn’t have asked for a better game to my last season of playing. Even though I may have hurt myself, it was a great way to end the season.