Middletown High School student shares his experience at Coal Fire Pizza


By Garrett Baker , Round Table sports editor

As I calmly walk into Coal Fire Pizza in Frederick, Maryland, I turn to be seated. The atmosphere is serene; the room blends together neutral colors to contrast the colorful pizza. As I sat down in a comfortable booth, a polite waitress took my order. After a few moments, some piping hot chicken wings came from the kitchen.  The wings weren’t marinated, but they had sweet caramelized onions draped on top and soft pita bread below that had been soaking in juice. The food was cooked and prepared to perfection – wings, onions, and all. I took a bite into the chicken and casually dipped it into a creamy complementary blue cheese sauce. The flavors blended together nicely as I pondered what I may order. The large variety of toppings is tempting but eventually I decide upon the all American classic, cheese pizza. Coal Fire offers three sauces: classic, signature, and spicy. The classic is your natural tomato sauce, a sauce you find synonymous with pizza. The signature is an obscure, tangy, yet ever so sweet sauce that leaves a delicious taste in your mouth. Finally, the spicy, said best by Coal Fire itself, “A sauce that demands your complete attention!” My choice was the signature because of its amazing taste and consistency. My pizza arrives and I begin to chow down on one of the best meals available in Frederick County. The pizza had large holes in the cheese exposing the scrumptious sauce. I continued to eat and sip my coke until I was extremely full. I walked away that day extremely satisfied with my delicious meal and perfect service.