Which next-gen gaming console is better: PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

Which next-gen gaming console is better: PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

By Jack Schmiel, RT sports editor

In November 2020, Sony and Microsoft each released a new installment of their line of gaming consoles: the PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. But which console has sold better so far, and which console is a better deal?

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X received lots of hype prior to their release since the PlayStation and Xbox lines have been the biggest on the market for many years. But after two months of being on the market, the PlayStation 5 seems to be the common choice among console players, but not by much.

The two consoles are very different in terms of structure and aesthetics, but they are actually very similar in terms of what is in the internal (which makes sense since they have the same function). The PlayStation 5 is a towering console that is a very obscure shape which you need to see to know how it looks; it is mostly white on the outer part but has some black on it.

The Xbox Series X is a much more simple shape, as it is a tall box (not as tall as the PlayStation) with dimensions of 5.9 by 5.9 by 11.9 inches compared to the PlayStation being 15.2 by 4.1 by 10.1 inches.

The main components in the interior of a console are hard drive space, processor speed, resolution and frame rate. The Xbox Series X has a terabyte of storage on its internal hard drive which is more than the PlayStation 5’s 825 gigabytes and the Xbox Series X has a faster processor with a clock speed 3.8 GHz compared to the PlayStation 5’s 3.5 GHz.

In terms of visual quality, both consoles have very similar resolution’s and frame rates. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 both frame rates of up to 120 frames per second and resolutions of about 8000 horizontal pixels.

Personally, I plan on getting the Xbox Series X. This is because with the Xbox One I have right now, I sometimes find myself having to delete the games I play the least to free up room for new games; I was even considering spending money on an external hard drive but I wouldn’t have this problem with either of the new consoles. However, since it’s such a big factor for me, the Xbox Series X having more hard drive storage sways me.

On top of this, I have played Xbox my whole life, starting with the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. I’m very familiar with the controls and I am not very familiar with the controls on PlayStation. A lot of my friends also getting the new Xbox seals the deal that I’ll soon buy the Xbox Series X.