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Middletown High School athletes react to new winter sports COVID-19 procedures

January 11, 2022

FCPS mandated proof of vaccination or weekly COVID-19 testing for all winter athletes. Erin Smith shares the new policy, what prompted the decision and how Middletown High School athletes feel about the...

FCPS updates their Covid procedures

January 11, 2022

RT reporter Angela Ocampo analyzes the FCPS Covid policies and procedures, and summarizes Middletown High School's reported cases.

Air purifiers are being delivered to each classroom. Over 2,500 air purifiers with the HEPA filter were provided.

The addition of air purifiers in FCPS schools

By Nathan Powell, Round Table reporter March 21, 2021

With in-person school back in session, FCPS installed air purifiers into the classrooms to make sure that it’s students felt safe returning back to school. Two stimulus bills were passed in 2020 that...

MHS allows fall sports to practice

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter October 8, 2020

FCPS allows schools to have conditioning practices for sports teams with COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

Reactions: Trapped in the snow

By Nic Bradley and Jade Ruggieri March 23, 2018

On March 20th, 2018, what seemed to be the start of a regular day with light rain in the morning followed with chilling temperatures transformed into a driver's nightmare. At approximately 8:35 AM the...

PSA: Civility

By Audrey Fisher, Sports managing editor December 18, 2017

As civility week in Frederick County Public schools come to an end, round table reporters Audrey Fisher, Nancy Siguenza, and Megan Roeder give students a PSA showing what civility is all about.

2017 FCPS Hygiene Drive

By Ally Pick and Bridget O'Toole December 4, 2017

From December 1 to December 22, Middletown SGA and NHS are teaming up to donate full-size hygienic items towards the annual FCPS hygiene drive.

Students receive a new knowledge for coding

By Maya Aylor, Round Table Reporter May 15, 2015

Middletown High School will be using the new website to help increase knowledge in computer science. The website is going to be used in FCPS including Middletown High School to increase...

MHS senior Julia Kingsbury attempts to access YouTube, however FCPS has an overreaching block on it. Student’s often have to watch videos , that are beneficial to the curriculum, at home which is a waste of time in school and out of school .

FCPS: All blocked up

By Molly Spillman, Round Table photo editor March 17, 2015

Internet blocks on the computers at school and the new Frederick County Public Schools-supplied Chromebooks may simply be a nuisance in the lives of teachers and students, but there is surely more than...

Coffee in schools; helping or hurting

By Owen Migdal, Round Table Website Editor March 10, 2015

It is frowned upon to give students coffee in school because there are side effects to the delicious drink. Unlike the propaganda that schools have taught us, coffee is actually a great beverage for students...

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