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Reaction: Russia banned from Olympics

By Gabby Pieklo, RT social media editor January 21, 2020

Megan Kelly on track to Olympics

By Samantha Johnson and Lauren Leatherman April 15, 2019

Many athletes can only dream of one day becoming an Olympian and representing their country in their sport of choice. For Middletown alumna Megan Kelly, she is only steps away from receiving that ultimate...

Podcast: America: Skating on Thin Ice, Episode three

Podcast: America: Skating on Thin Ice, Episode three

By Owen Migdal, Round Table reporter February 22, 2018

Round Table's Owen Migdal gives us insight on figure skating in the Olympics in his third edition of America: Skating on Thin Ice.

The Beat: Sochi is breaking the bank

By Nicholas Friend, Round Table Reporter February 20, 2014

More than $50 billion has been spent on reshaping Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. According to CNN news, the remodeling of the Russian city has caused the number of tourists to decrease, rather than...


The Box: Snowboarder Shaun White falls into music

By Taylor Green, Round Table Reporter February 20, 2014

Shaun White, a USA snowboarder, failed to scoop up his third consecutive gold medal at the Winter Olympics on Feb. 11, falling on the poor halfpipe conditions in Sochi. White had previously pulled out...

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