The Round Table

RT Magazine_05.16.22

May 16, 2022

This week, Natalie Fox shows us Chloe Darden's colorful donation business, we ask Morgan Vandre ten hard-hitting questions, and Erin Kady shows what seniors think about Middletown.

RT Magazine_05.09.22

May 13, 2022

This week, Spencer Moazed shines a new light on Middletown’s bike lanes, we give senior Emmaline Tolley ten hard-hitting questions, and Lauren Walker gives us a glimpse into her trip to Seattle, Washington....

Middletown Student Takes a Trip to Seattle

By Lauren Walker, RT Reporter May 10, 2022

Middletown junior Lauren Walker takes us along with her on a vacation to Seattle, Washington.

RT Magazine_04.25.22

April 25, 2022

This week, Kelly Fernon gives you a look at the popularity of crystals at our school, Haille Otto hits Clarke Cheairs with some hard-hitting questions, and Lydia Vandre shows us a popular pledge in American...

RT Magazine_04.04.22

April 4, 2022

This week, Erin Kady gives us a behind-the-scenes look at MHS drama production - Legally Blonde, we give senior Sierra Morgan ten hard-hitting questions, and Spencer Moazed gives us another look at his...

RT Magazine_03.21.22

March 21, 2022

This week, Katie Lucas alerts us of this year's annual empty bowls fundraiser, Jake Brandenburg answers our burning questions, and Gabby Pieklo brings Disney characters to life here at MHS.

RT Magazine_03.07.22

March 7, 2022

In this week’s episode, Lydia Vandre and Lauren Walker get to know more about our principal’s recent award, we put senior Brielle Betit on the spot, and Haille Otto shows off some iconic outfits spotted...

RT Magazine_02.28.22

February 28, 2022

In this week’s episode, Gabby Pieklo teaches us about a fun Middletown tradition, we put senior Alason Reed on the spot, and Erin Kady gives us a look into this semester’s R.T. Media studio crew.

RT Magazine_02.14.22

February 16, 2022

In this week’s episode, Logan Hegg gets an insight to some of our seniors' plans after high school, we ask senior Ethan Miller some hard-hitting questions, and Katie Lucas gives us a look at the fire...

RT Magazine_02.07.22

February 9, 2022

In this week’s episode, Nawal Bhatti recognizes coach Colsh for his recent award, we ask senior Aaron Augustine some hard-hitting questions, and Aria Foster and Raea Brown investigate the recent mullet...

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