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Opinion: Is it too much?

Opinion: Is it too much?

November 20, 2018

As the year is progressing, the work is piling up for students. For seniors, this is especially true. I still remember going into my junior year like it was yesterday. Everyone kept telling me that...

Teen stress is becoming a serious problem

Teen stress is becoming a serious problem

By Freddy Roberts , Round Table sports editor November 3, 2015

The clock on a night stand clicks by in a student’s bedroom while he sits at his desk, trying to memorize the last couple of vocabulary words for a major exam the next day. Bags under both of his eyes...

Studying takes its toll

Studying takes its toll

By Mary Kate Frey, Round Table Reporter May 13, 2014

Pencils become as dull as the long hours studying, writing, calculating and learning. The only break in the daily monotony is a need for the bare necessities. Thoughts are focused like lasers on schoolwork...

School work and jobs prove to be a hard plate to balance

School work and jobs prove to be a hard plate to balance

By Hunter Hill, Round Table Reporter December 4, 2013

Managing time between school and a job can be difficult. However, many students at Middletown High School with a job or extracurricular activity can manage their time better than students without one. When...

Future is approaching fast for MHS juniors, seniors

By Madison Milhous, News Editor October 24, 2013

Juniors and seniors experience the most stress and pressure when it comes to work and activities in high school because their future is affected by those two years. Many students focus on college and...

Upperclassman status proves stressful for many

By Madison Milhous, News Editor October 8, 2013

Being an upperclassman in this day and age proves to be stressful for many students, and some MHS upperclassmen give their opinions.

Little things make a big difference

April 5, 2011

By Shannon McKenna Round Table editor High school is often filled with stressful tests, teenage drama, and multiple after school activities which can seriously put a damper on the cheerful mood of...

Wake up, overload, repeat

November 4, 2010

By Ally Caho Round Table reporter After waking up at 6:30 a.m., she gets dressed and ready, grabs her stuff, and is out the door by 7.   For hours on end, she sits in a chair having to absorb as...

Teenage stress breaks teens down with illness

May 11, 2010

By Emma Trapp Round Table reporter Study for math test, science project due tomorrow, dance class after school, drivers-ed and read chapter twenty-three of To Kill a Mockingbird; these are just a few...

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