Alessia Cara’s new album, Four Pink Walls, is Here

Alessia Cara poses for a photo shoot.

Photo by wikicommon

Alessia Cara poses for a photo shoot.

By Aniston Morris, Round Table entertainment editor

Rising artist Alessia Cara, is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Brampton, Ontario. Her silky, soul voice caught a deal with EP Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings in 2015, at the age of 18. She was found through her acoustic covers on YouTube, and immediately sparked a loving fan-base.

The stunning R&B artist recently released her first song “Here.” The song was debuted on The Fader, where it received over 500,000 streams the first week. Her single was named one of the best Canadian songs of April by Complex. Cosmopolitan and SPIN Magazine said that it is a track that can’t be missed. 

“Here” is also featured on her debut album ‘Four Pink Walls.’ The release is a five song album that greatly displays her vocal abilities.

In songs like “Four Pink Walls” and “I’m Yours” she has extraordinary runs that really accompany her R&B style well.

“Four Pink Walls” sounds very similar to a Sara Bareilles song. A strong low range with an astounding high bridge that keeps you intrigued throughout the entire song. Her voice is extremely mature, especially for her young age.

“I’m Yours” sounds influenced a bit by pop, but is fluid and smooth nonetheless. It has a nice message and is very cute, but gets repetitive after a while.

“Outlaws” is the slower song, but it doesn’t lose its foot-tapping style that the rest of her album maintains. There really is nothing in this song that you can dislike.

“Seventeen” sounds a lot younger than the rest of her album, but has a very nice story to it. When listening, you can hear a bit of a strain in her voice as she tries to hit high notes. It really shows the way her voice matured in the other tracks.

“Here” is sassy, with a great chorus that shows her soul influence from artists like Alicia Keys. It’s no wonder the song made it so far in the first week.

Cara’s new album is definitely a hit and the success is quite exciting for a first album.