iCarly’s Freddie gets married


Photo by wikicommons

The iCarly cast in 2012. From left to right, Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, Noah Munck.

By Aniston Morris, Round Table entertainment editor

Nathan Kress, commonly known for his role in iCarly on Nickelodeon as the character Freddie, recently married London Elise Moore, now Kress. This came as a shock to many that simply think of him as the dorky little boy that manned the camera for Carly and Sam.

“I didn’t think he was that old… he grew up fast,” said Middletown High School sophomore, Amber Wall.

“I’m jealous of his wife, man,” added MHS junior, Erika Armstrong.

The wedding was outdoors at the Villa de Sol d’Oro in Sierra Madre, California. Moore wore a beautiful sleeveless white ballgown with a magnificent mesh veil. Kress, himself wore a handsome, gray tweed suit.

Miranda Cosgrove, who played Carly in the show, attended the wedding along with co-stars Jennette McCurdy (Sam) and Jerry Trainor (Spencer, Carly’s older brother).

“That’s pretty darn cute,” said Armstrong. A lot of attention has been brought to the reunion of the cast and many seemed to not know they were all grown up.

“I’d guess Carly is like 19 now,” said MHS sophomore Richie Brehm.

“…maybe they’re all around 18,” said MHS junior Caleb Burgoon.

In fact, Miranda Cosgrove (Carly) is 22, Jennette McCurdy (Sam) is 23, Nathan Kress (Freddie) is 23, Noah Munck (Gibby) is 19 and Jerry Trainor (Spencer) is 38.

“I never would have guessed, I still think of them as high schoolers like in the show,” said Wall.

Recently, the honeymoon was cancelled in order for Kress to be in a new movie. The new bride said in a post on her instagram, “Happy Birthday, my dearest husband!!! Though we are not on our honeymoon, every day is a honeymoon when I’m with you.”