‘Insurgent’ excitement surges at MHS


Photo by TNS

By Kim Fleming, Round Table reporter

Middletown High School students are buzzing after the release of the second movie in the Divergent series.

Recently, Insurgent was released in theaters and topped its predecessor, Divergent, at the box office, which is uncommon among movie trilogies.

Surprisingly, no one is shocked by the by the movie’s large revenue.

Divergent ended in a cliff-hanger, which made “the viewers think of what was going to happen next” and coaxed many to see Insurgent, said MHS junior AJ Weir.

Others believe the movie only gained viewers because of its similarity to other trilogies.

Courtney Green, MHS junior, said that people may have chosen to see Insurgent because the Divergent series is much like the popular Hunger Games books.

Along with the original fans of the series, those who saw Divergent in theaters also expected Insurgent to have a great viewer turnout and collect a substantial profit.

Some students are still waiting to watch the film that so many can’t stop talking about.

“The first Divergent was a really good movie. I want to see Insurgent,” MHS junior Amanda Kilby said.