Keaton Henson’s song is more than just “Flesh and Bone”


Photo by Aniston Morris

The name of the artist and the song.

By Clara Tam, Round Table reporter

Composed by Keaton Henson, an Indie singer from London, his song, “Flesh and Bone” is beautifully written as a gentle ballad that creates a peaceful tone. As a part of his album, “Dear,” the music video was released on April 5, 2012, and has reached over 400,000 views. Rooted in passion and true emotion, Henson does a beautiful job of portraying his pain and inner conflict subsequent of heartbreak in “Flesh and Bone.”

Powerfully portraying the message of the song, to expose the pain in his life and describe the reality of heartbreak, his lyrics resonate deeply and provide the foundation for his goal. Showing the internal warfare that ensues, Henson displays how it feels to have his heart broken.

One line says, “I find war, and I find peace,” showing that his emotions are contradictory and hold great pain and hope. Henson accurately describes the thoughts after heartbreak and embody the pain and serenity that comes with the fact that something has ended.

Throughout the entire song, he describes the anguish he feels and it is filled with pure emotion and melancholy feelings. Finally, at the end, he admits the purpose of the song, that he actually does miss her, saying, “Something my soul needs, is you, lying next to me.” This quote shows his true emotion of longing for her after she has left his life and adds to the tone of the song.

Also setting the tone, his raspy and delicate voice is uniquely beautiful. Holding much passion, his voice soulfully sings the lyrics and as he released the song, the same happened to a piece of his heart.

Overall, this song was well written with genuine lyrics and a passionate voice to add to the gentle yet broken ambience of the song.