Maddie and Tae, Fly into a great new album

Maddie and Tae pose for photos to be put on their website.

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Maddie and Tae pose for photos to be put on their website.

By Adrienne Lowery, Round Table fun feature editor

Maddie and Tae, two very talented young adults, soar to the top of the charts with their two hit singles “Girl in a Country Song” and “Fly”.

Their songs are relatable to everyone who listens to them. “Girl in a Country Song” teases the modern style of country music. They borrow lyrics from other country songs such as “Boys Round Here” by Blake Shelton and the duo even makes a reference to the great George Strait.  This song is upbeat and their voices harmonize beautifully with the guitar while thoroughly getting their message across to fans.

They gear their song “The Downside of Growing Up” towards girls coming-of-age. The song portrays all of the sad emotions of leaving your mom behind and starting your new life by yourself. At the same time, they express the good side of growing up, of learning to live on your own and find your own path. Everyone has to leave their past behind sooner or later. The instruments start out quiet, then get louder as the song continues, which allows Maddie and Tae’s voices to sound more powerful and helps them convey the meaning of the song: that life goes on and everyone eventually has to go on their own one day.

Heart breaks and break ups could not be forgotten by the duo. Their song “Smoke” entails all the emotions that take place during a break up: the hard and sad times. Towards the end of the song they sing about getting over the relationship and moving on without him. The drums in the background bring the whole piece together. With all the instruments united it allow their voices to become prominent.

Maddie and Tae are a strong, dynamic duo who know how to get their messages across. All of their songs are related to different situations young women are associated with. As they keep growing stronger and more popular, they seem to be making their way to being this generation’s version of The Dixie Chicks.