Miley Cyrus released her new album, reveling in her new independence


Photo by MTC Campus

Miley Cyrus at the beginning of her independent career. Viewers notice the change since then.

By Aniston Morris, Round Table Entertainment Editor

Miley Cyrus released her new album “Dead Petz” for free after her evening as the host at the VMAs. The album shows her independent and free self, but it is really quite bland. Cyrus has greatly changed since her appearance on Disney Channel. She is now freeing herself from the little girl image she once portrayed. Her music has become her way of voicing this change loud and clear.

Students at Middletown High School seem to be entertained by this drastic transformation.

“I actually like some of her music, but I think she could’ve changed in a less dramatic way,” MHS sophomore Grace Sheedy said.

Students seemed to like the old her much better, but they accept her new image.

“It’s okay because its her and she can do what she wants with herself,” MHS junior, Jacob Blick said.

MHS sophomore Lauren Harrington agreed, saying at least she’s “finding herself” and  staying “true to herself.”

Students agreed that shes often outspoken about things that aren’t very good, but they are open to the idea of each person being their own self.

The question of where Cyrus’ career will go from here remains an unanswered question, but she has definitely succeeded in gaining the attention of many, who can’t wait to find out what’s coming next.