‘The Maze Runner’ takes viewers down the right path

By Aniston Morris, Round Table reporter

When a book is made into a movie, there are often many flaws. The biggest of them is missing information. When The Maze Runner came to theaters, many fans of James Dashner’s series were not disappointed. The movie grasps your attention and keeps you on edge the whole time.

Tiring as these cliché action movies are getting for some, The Maze Runner covered new boundaries than just the normal Harry Potter and Hunger Games themes. It was intriguing and watching it, one could really feel what the characters went through because the viewers – like the characters – didn’t know what was happening to them.

The creators of the movie did, however, change the solution to the movie. It was much different than the books ending, yet it wrapped the story up and told the main points of it quite well.

Thoroughly disappointing was the fact that the telepathic connection between the main characters, Thomas and Teresa, was never present in the movie. What the heck? How can you not add the biggest factor of the plot in the movie?

Nonetheless, the director managed to properly portray the plot and solution leading up to a wonderfully produced move that viewers are sure to love for many years to come.