Opinion: What we have learned from the Wizards first few games


Photo by KeithAllisonPhoto.com

Hornets at Wizards 2/23/18

By Grant Baker, RT wrap national sports segment producer


The Wizards are off to a rocky start to the season with only one win and four losses. Without John Wall as point guard for the rest of the season they have limited options on the court. With limited stars on the roster, they are going to have to change something if they want a shot at the post season.

The Eastern Conference is considered less dominant than the Western Conference, but some of the teams still pose a threat to the Wizards and their young team.

Rookie Rui Hachimura has shown signs of stardom throughout the first five games, with a 23 point game against the Houston Rockets. Mortiz Wagner has also shown signs of improvement with 12 and 14 point games in his last two games. The young talent on the Wizards is promising, but it needs to be pieced together properly to form a guaranteed playoff team.

Hachimura only scored four points in the most recent game against the Timberwolves, but that is expected from a rookie who is still developing. He is only 21, and looks better than most of the rookies in the NBA. I believe that he has the potential to be an NBA star if he keeps up his good play style.

The second round pick Admiral Schofield has not done much so far, but it has only been five games so there is still a lot of time for him to develop and adjust to the NBA.

Isaac Bonga hasn’t done much either but he is also young and has time to develop. Wagner has looked promising so far and I hope he continues to be productive and good player.

Bradley Beal has been nothing short of amazing for the Wizards as he is on his way to another All-Star game this year. With Wall out, he has taken charge as the leader and has proven he is worthy to be the captain of the team. I hope he continues to be productive and the leader of the Washington Wizards.

Thomas Bryant is continuing to be productive and he is nothing short of a good player. The Los Angeles Lakers should not have gotten rid of him because he is starting to show signs of greatness with the Wizards. He is showing that a shorter center can still be productive in the paint.

The Wizards are still adjusting to the new team, but overall, if they can fix those little mistakes, they will have a good overall season.