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Opinion: Jordan Peele continues to prove himself as a movie director with his new movie “Us”

Jordan Peele's
April 3, 2019

I was non stop talking about Us for two months, hyping it up, getting ready for it. When I walked into the movie theater on March 23 2019, I was jittery. I was finally about to see it. There was potential...

Reactions: ‘IT’ reboot hits theaters

Reactions: 'IT' reboot hits theaters
October 27, 2017

A killer clown wreaks havoc on a small town. An outlandish scenario, but not for Stephen King. The movie adaptation of “IT” hit the screens last month, making it perfect for the holiday coming up:...

‘American Horror Story’ premiere delivers scare

'American Horror Story' premiere delivers scare
September 27, 2016

Every year, the creators of "American Horror Story" bring some sort of mystery to the newest season of the show. On Sept. 14, the horror show’s sixth season premiered and fans were thoroughly shocked. The...

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