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Review: Is Kanye’s new album “Jesus Is King” Really a hit?

Review: Is Kanye's new album

By Hanna Green, Local News Producer

November 20, 2019

Well known entertainer Kanye West released a new album “Jesus is King.” Kanye made this album a gospel based album and some people don’t quite believe this act. This album has gotten some backlash and people either like it or they don’t, there is no in between. Personally I would not recommen...

Review: Tyler the Creators new album IGOR

Review: Tyler the Creators new album IGOR

By Hanna Green, Roundtable Media Reporter

June 12, 2019

Well known rapper Tyler the Creator, drops a new album called IGOR. A day before the album was released Tyler states that you should not go into it expecting a rap album. Just as Tyler said, it wasn’t mostly a rap albumn, as you could tell he focused more on the beats and the sound rather than ...

Review: Beyonce’s Homecoming

Review: Beyonce's Homecoming

By Hanna Green, Round Table Reporter

May 16, 2019

One of the most iconic performances ever played at Coachella, now shown in Beyonce’s new movie Homecoming. Homecoming shows the behind the scenes of the creation of the performance and the struggles Beyonce has gone through during these past years. From the perfect synchronization to the i...

Column: Alabama votes Republican no Moore; Doug Jones gets Senate seat

Column: Alabama votes Republican no Moore; Doug Jones gets Senate seat

By Samantha Johnson, Entertainment Staff

December 22, 2017

Alabama shocked the country on December 12, 2017 by voting in democratic nominee Doug Jones for Senate instead of Republican nominee and alleged sexual predator, Roy Moore. Alabama is known to be a “ruby red” state that usually votes Republican, but failed to do so with the allegations of sexual ...

Cleveland Indians Controversial Team Logo, Chief Wahoo

Cleveland Indians Controversial Team Logo, Chief Wahoo

By Kiley Hill, Round Table reporter

November 2, 2016

Now that the Cleveland Indians are in the World Series, Chief Wahoo, the team’s controversial logo and mascot, has once again gained national attention. Many find that caricature demeaning to Native Americans, while other fans refuse to let go of the image, alluding to team pride. Middletown...

Top NFL Team Field Kickers Missing Field Goals Losing the Game.

Top NFL Team Field Kickers Missing Field Goals Losing the Game.

By Cole Bromfield, Round Table reporter

September 11, 2016

Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals, two of the NFL’s top teams last year, both lost their week one games due to their kickers, Graham Gano and Chandler Catanzaro respectively missing field goals. Many Middletown High School students believe that these kickers should be replaced. Maura Wimsatt,...

Senior Interviews: yay or nay?

Senior Interviews: yay or nay?

By Marissa Giauque, Round Table reporter

April 6, 2016

Senior year is the time students anticipate as exhilarating yet stressful. For most, this year starts out with a tedious process: college applications. These two words make seniors extremely anxious, patiently waiting to tear open an envelope containing the fate of the future. Students wonder: Will...

Wrestling: Wrestling program producing stars

RT News Sports Editor

By Dylan O'Toole, Sports Editor

May 13, 2014

Danny Bertoni came into Middletown High School hoping to compete for a state championship in wrestling, but when he got here he was pleasantly surprised at how good the wrestling program truly was. “My family and I expected our coaches and staff to do a great job,” said Bertoni. “They prepared our ...

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