Review: Tyler the Creators new album IGOR


By Hanna Green, Roundtable Media Reporter

Well known rapper Tyler the Creator, drops a new album called IGOR. A day before the album was released Tyler states that you should not go into it expecting a rap album.

Just as Tyler said, it wasn’t mostly a rap albumn, as you could tell he focused more on the beats and the sound rather than the lyrics. The song type sounds like a mixture of his past to albums Cherry Bomb and Flower Boy.

Tyler fans are in love with this album and has hit number one on Billboard’s latest charts.

One of the most popular songs on the album is Earfquake. Earfquake in my opinion is about loving someone and not wanting them to leave. Which is probably why people like it so much because they can relate to it and because of the funky beats.

IGOR’S iconic image is Tyler in a blond short wig portraying as the character IGOR. Tyler is known for his unique personality and words in his music and it is show in his new album IGOR.

This album consists of funk, R&B and raps. Something that Tyer has never put out before. With this album Tyler let his guard down to express his emotions and to show that he is still growing.

If you are into funky beats and dancing this is the album for you. The album flows together perfectly while adding eccentric background noises and voices. While his singing is amateur his production is impeccable. This album will not leave you unsatisfied.