Concerts involve more than a love for music

For many music fans and event-goers, concerts play an important role in entertainment.

When attending a concert, there are many things to take into consideration: venue size, ticket price, driving distance, and whether or not the event is general admission are important factors. But for Middletown High School senior Joseph Haddad, “The experience itself is enough of a perk to suffer through the struggles of preparation.”

“I love the experience. I love meeting new people. I love the memories you can take away from them. There’s something about seeing the person you look up to live that makes it really unique and special,” he said.

Many students agreed that the live experience was one that everyone should have at least once. Still, there are downsides. “I don’t want to pay to stand in a room with screaming, sweaty, obnoxious people, “said MHS philosophy teacher Jerry Donald.

When deciding which concert to attend, most common problems can be avoided. Generally, smaller venues are better for a closer experience with the band or artist. Smaller venues also mean less people causing distractions. Ticket prices are easily handled as well. Even if an event is sold out, it can be easy to find a reasonably priced ticket online no matter when it is being bought.

However, driving distance and the date of the concert are factors that drastically affect students.

“Sometimes concerts are far away or they’re on school a night, which is really annoying,” said MHS junior Megan Runnells.

A concert experience is one with varying importance depending on the fan’s true dedication. Some are willing to suffer through hours waiting in line in the freezing cold to catch a glimpse of their favorite band or artist.