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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples


Most people imagine Valentine’s Day being a perfect day with your significant other, going out on a date and getting each other cute gifts. However, that’s not the reality for everyone. For those who are single, it can be less enjoyable, but there are still ways to make Valentine’s Day pleasant.

Middletown High School students were asked about their feelings about Valentine’s Day and gave some great advice to those who aren’t in the Valentine’s spirit.

MHS senior Lizzy Hershberger said she thinks Valentine’s Day has turned into “a hassle” but also said it was a “nice thought to celebrate relationships.”

Natalie Miller, MHS sophomore, had some empowering advice and said, “Don’t get too caught up on having another person to love on Valentine’s Day because the most important person to love is yourself.”

MHS students were also asked how they would spend Valentine’s Day, or if they were even going to celebrate it.

Rebeca Lazo, MHS sophomore, said her Valentine’s Days are usually “horrible” and that she thinks it’s “a nice holiday for those who are in a relationship, but it is also pointless because you should celebrate love year-round.”

MHS junior Owen Raynor agreed with Lazo and said he celebrates Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend but doesn’t enjoy the holiday because “you should treat your boyfriend or girlfriend year-round.”

MHS sophomore Eric McMunn didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the holiday and said he was not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day and would probably spend the day sleeping or eating.

If you’re someone struggling with the reality that you may not have a date this Valentine’s Day, there are still multiple way you can enjoy the holiday of love and not have it ruined for you.

Idea #1:

Go out with some friends. Go see a movie, get dinner, go ice skating, just hang out at your house, something to keep your mind occupied. Also, it’s always more fun to be with people going through the same thing as you are. Maybe you guys will bond and it’ll be fun.

Idea #2:

Be your own Valentine. Get yourself some flowers, chocolate or another nice, thoughtful gift. Cuddle up in a fuzzy blanket for the night and watch a movie. Treat yourself to whatever you want; you deserve it.

Idea #3:

Stay off of social media. Seeing posts of other people you know with dates and having a good time will just make you more upset and you’ll feel worse. Disconnect and don’t think about it. One day without social media might feel great.

Idea #4:

Remember that Valentine’s Day is just a holiday made up by card companies to earn more money. On average, a total of $18.6 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day per year and about $1 million is spent on just cards per year and 151 million cards are exchanged every Valentine’s Day.

Appreciate your loved ones all year, not just on one day of the year. You don’t have to buy them candy or jewelry to show your love, either. Spend time with them and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. That’s the best gift that you could ever give.

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples