Is Protesting Always Appropriate?

Is Protesting Always Appropriate?

By Brian Walker , Round Table reporter

Professional football players have protested for equality in America by staying seated during the National Anthem, but they did so on 9/11, a day of remembrance for Americans.

Some Middletown High School students supported their First Amendment right but disagreed with their protest on 9/11.

“At first it wasn’t a big deal, but 9/11 should definitely be a day that people should respect and stand up for,” said MHS sophomore Gemma Carioti.

MHS junior Collin Hanson agreed, saying that it’s Ok to protest on any other day, but on 9/11 people should “stand up and show respect to those who lost their lives.”

Other students disagreed.

“They are all idiots. How can you be oppressed making millions of dollars? They are role models,” said MHS sophomore Dominic Ceresini.