New H&M store is coming to the FSK mall

New H&M store is coming to the FSK mall

By Kenzie DuMars, Round Table reporter

Tearing down the walls of some of Francis Scott Key Mall’s most renowned stores, the FSK team has announced a brand new store opening to the county of Frederick.

Many stores including GAP, Express, Regis Hair Salon and Crazy 8 have left the building to make an entire row of store space available for the new H&M. This Swedish store will be the first ever H&M to open in Frederick County and will be the largest store in the FSK mall. Currently, the leader of FSK Mall’s biggest store is DSW Shoe Store taking up approximately 17,500 square feet; H&M will tear down the walls of the closing stores to cover a full 20,000 square feet of the FSK Mall.

The new store will offer a wide variety of clothes, accessories and shoes. According to H&M Retail Company, the store is known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teens and children. With its constant updates H&M will be likely to bring more customers to the FSK Mall, especially high fashion women and teen girls.

Unlike any other store in the FSK Mall, H&M has a classy look on the inside and the outside. With bold lettering, stunning lights, white tile floors and extravagant decor H&M will be sure to grab the attention of any person that walks by. It will have a different look and feel to it than any other store in the mall.

For many students at Middletown High School, the opening of the new store will be a huge improvement to the mall in many ways. Senior, Alyssa Klink said, “anything they bring to FSK mall is going to be a plus,” while expressing her need for change and a fresh mall look and feel.

In agreement Sam Beltran, Senior at MHS pronounces her craving for improvement when she said, “I feel like H&M will be good because right now FSK mall is kind of a ghetto mall and with the addition of a good quality, well-priced store it will help the look and feel of the mall.” Unknowing of the fact that Gap and Express were closing, in shock she added, “I’m going to have to go all the way to the outlets to get Gap; it was better off in the FSK Mall. Now I’ll have to go to JCPenny for my nice clothes instead of Express.”

While the need for change and crave for a new look are priorities for many people who shop at FSK, the closing of some of their favorite stores are slightly hindering the acceptance to the new H&M however, if they had a desire to open here in Frederick, there must have been a positive reason.
The store is said to open in the fall of 2016 and will bring many new people and add a more modern appealing feel to the outdated FSK mall. Even though there is some controversy, the new H&M will add a fresh face to the FSK Mall and to Frederick County.