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Middletown Student Takes a Trip to Seattle

By Lauren Walker, RT Reporter May 10, 2022

Middletown junior Lauren Walker takes us along with her on a vacation to Seattle, Washington.

Fun feature: Blind burger taste test

By Jacob Daniels, Round Table Reporter May 20, 2019

Round Table reporter, Jacob Daniels, and his brother partake in a blind, fast food cheeseburger taste test to determine which fast food restaurant has the best cheeseburger.

Fun Feature: tasting nostalgic childhood snacks

By Samantha Johnson, Fun Feature Section Editor April 30, 2019

MHS seniors Samantha Johnson, Marley Pratt, and Camden Houck re-try their favorite childhood snacks and rate how well they taste now based on what they remember.

Fun Feature: Spicy Food

By Sarah O'Toole, Round Table reporter March 25, 2019

Round table reporter Sarah O'Toole goes to the halls to put MHS students, Jade Caitlin and Millie Smith to the test regarding how much spicy food they can handle. Special guests Matthew Barlow and Tyler...

Fun feature: St. Patrick’s Day crafts

By Lauren Leatherman, Round Table reporter March 15, 2019

Round Table reporter Lauren Leatherman and student Landon Leatherman made crafts to start the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Kiley Hill invites special guest to try partner yoga

By Kiley Hill, Social media managing editor April 17, 2018

Round Table's own Kiley Hill invites her sister to take part in the yoga challenge. Featured in this video are the two trying different partner yoga poses. Did they succeed?

What’s in the desk?: Part 2

By Lucy Kiefert and Caylin Clingan, Round Table reporters June 8, 2017

Teachers reveal what's in their desk and the items' importance.

Whats in the desk?: Part 1

What’s in the desk?: Part 1

By Lucy Kiefert and Caylin Clingan, Round Table reporters June 8, 2017

Teachers show what is in their desk and talk about the items' importance.

Taste test: Peri Ketteringham and Connor Stevens

By Kim Fleming and Jack Sullivan, Round Table reporters June 2, 2017

Middletown High School students taste test different foods and give their opinion.

MHS juniors Maggie Williamson, Kim Fleming and Jacob Boone partipate in the Best Friend Vs. Boyfriend Challenge

Best friend versus boyfriend: who knows more

By Jade Ruggieri and Heidi Daniels May 24, 2017

Arguably, a best friend knows a person far better than the boyfriend, and Round Table reporters Jade Ruggieri and Heidi Daniels put this theory to the test as fellow Middletown High school students try...

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