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Shorthanded texting: sometimes K, sometimes not

Shorthanded texting: sometimes K, sometimes not

By Clara Tam, Round Table reporter January 21, 2016

“K.” Sasha Smith cringed at the sight of this one letter response. After spending 10 minutes detailing a structured and coherent argument, he had replied with one measly and insignificant letter....

Snapchat changes social media in a flash

By Johanna Yee, Round Table executive editor December 20, 2012

Snapchat takes texting to a whole new level, unparalleled by other basic apps for chatting in the Android and iTunes marketplace.  From its release in 2011, the popular phone app Snapchat has gone viral...

To stay alive, don’t text and drive

January 18, 2012

By Ben Lewis Round Table reporter The NTSB (National Traffic and Safety Board) are recommending a ban on all cell phone use while in the car, which is an overzealous response that should not...

Parents must restrict teenagers from all-day texting

February 19, 2010

Brittany Titus Round Table reporter The teenager glanced down at her pocket, feeling a vibration from her phone. Flipping the screen open, she saw that she had just received a text message. Excitement...

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