Snapchat changes social media in a flash

Snapchat takes texting to a whole new level, unparalleled by other basic apps for chatting in the Android and iTunes marketplace.  From its release in 2011, the popular phone app Snapchat has gone viral overnight, making the public display of ridiculous facial expressions socially acceptable.

Teenagers, seeking new ways to communicate, have always been at the forefront of technological innovations, especially in social media.  Adults trailed behind in the use of email, instant messaging, texting, and Facebook.  That may not be the case with snapchatting as adults are not as fond of having their picture taken.  But no worries for Snapchat, Inc.  The rampant use of this new app by teenagers has already placed it in the top 25 free apps.  It’s fun to be goofy!

The main attraction of the widespread app is that users can send a photo that will automatically be deleted and can only be viewed for a limited time.  The user chooses how long the photo will be viewed.  Snapchats can be as short as one second to as long as 10 seconds.

If users wish to include a witty comment with their photo, they can add a short caption.  Snapchat also offers a simple paint palette for enhancing the photo with drawings.

However, Snapchat does more than just send pictures.  With the newest version of Snapchat, users can now send 30 second videos.  The updated version also offers the option of turning the screen horizontally for a wider shot and longer caption line.

This app has allowed users to send photos with little fear of widespread dissemination.   But users should still remember that it is possible to take a screenshot.  By pressing the home button and the lock button simultaneously the person receiving the snapchat can take a picture of the current screen.

However, screenshotting is rather difficult to maneuver, as one finger must stay on the screen in order to view the snapchat and the timer counts down as soon as it is opened.  Once a snapchat has been screenshot, the person who sent it is notified, which acts to discourage people from taking screenshots.

Snapchat is a quick and easy way to communicate casually among good friends, family, coworkers or acquaintances, separately or all at the same time in a group snapchat.

Contacts are organized by most frequently used (“best friends”), most recent and alphabetical order, which makes it quick to find specific people for a shot taken in the moment.

Unlike many apps, Snapchat helps the user keep it simple. Pictures taken with the Snapchat app are not automatically saved to the phone’s camera roll, which saves users the time of having to delete all the ridiculous pictures that are sent via Snapchat.   But, if you so wish, you have the option to save the picture to the phone’s camera roll.

Snapchat turns the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” into a reality.