American Horror Story’s new season “Hotel” makes a scary start


Photo by Wiki Commons

American Horror Story’s new season Hotel’s title screen.

By Kim Fleming, Round Table reporter

Fans of the “American Horror Story” series were incredibly excited for the premiere of “Hotel,” the new season of the horror show and were definitely satisfied with what they saw.

The new season was anticipated by fans due to the fact that one of the main stars of “AHS,” Jessica Lange, wouldn’t be returning for Hotel. Mixed feelings were caused by her absence and it was feared that the show wouldn’t be the same without her.

Lange was arguably the queen of all evil in “American Horror Story,” from playing the vicious neighbor in Murder House to a wicked nun in Asylum and a witch who will kill anyone in her way to remain supreme in Coven.

Along with the loss of this favored actress, a new one has joined the talented “AHS” cast. Pop singer Lady Gaga was casted as “The Countess,” an esteemed inhabitant of the hotel. Gaga has not had much experience in acting and it was questionable whether or not her talent could equal those of the show’s recurring actors.

Ryan Murphy, creator of “AHS,” teased that Hotel was much more horror based with no musical numbers, unlike the previous season, Freak Show.

The season premier ranked as FX’s second largest viewer rating in history, just behind the premier of “Freak Show.”

One thing could be for sure: the episode fulfilled and surpassed fans’ expectations. It featured many gruesome murders and clearly set an exposition for the rest of the season.

In summary, the episode began with the arrival of two Swedish girls visiting Los Angeles who have booked a stay at the infamous Hotel Cortez. They quickly discovered that the hotel was nothing like the online description and wanted to check into a different one. However, the hotel’s manager, Iris (portrayed by Kathy Bates), tells them they cannot leave once booked. The girls have a rough night at the Cortez beginning with finding a deformed, but alive, human body trapped inside their mattress, to being captured by Iris so they could be fed to the children that live in the hotel.

The Countess first appeared alongside her significant other (portrayed by Matt Boomer) as they were going to an outdoor movie theater. They befriended another couple and proceeded to bring them back to the hotel where the couple was then killed and feasted on. It could clearly be seen that the Hotel Cortez was a center for murder.

Little known to new guests, hundreds of murders have been committed there in the past. Investigating these murders is detective John Lowe (portrayed by Wes Bentley). Lowe checks into the hotel in order to get an idea of who or what may be killing so many people. He is assigned to room 64, which is the “heart” of the hotel and is “as black as the as the ace of spades,” according to Bates.

With this the mysteries of the season were proposed. There is much more to be said about the children of the hotel, the numerous murders committed there and the odd people who inhabit it. Fans are incredibly excited to watch the answers of the season unfold.

“AHS” is thoroughly written, its writers find a way to intertwine all of the different seasons. In the first five minutes of the premier, a recurring character was seen. The realtor, who sold the murder house to the Harmon family in season one, was showing the hotel to a possible buyer. This buyer ultimately purchases the building from the Countess. It is very possible that more connections to other seasons will be exposed as Hotel continues. Murphy has said in past interviews, “They’re all connected. We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected.”