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Female wrestlers pin down old stereotypes

By Kim Fleming, Round Table Opinion Editor January 13, 2017

As Kalin Bower, Middletown High School freshman, gets ready for a typical day of school, she prepares herself for the long day ahead of her. After the seven-hour school day, Bower must attend her daily...

Say 'Hello' to this jam up

Say ‘Hello’ to this jam up

By Maya Aylor and Kim Fleming March 8, 2016

Say 'Hello' to this jam up

Reactions: New cafeteria smoothies

Reactions: New cafeteria smoothies

By Kim Fleming, Round Table Reporter February 1, 2016

The Middletown High School cafeteria has recently started selling fruit smoothies to students during all lunch shifts. Students have mixed feelings on the drinks, but they surely appreciate the school...

American Horror Story's new season Hotel's title screen.

American Horror Story’s new season “Hotel” makes a scary start

By Kim Fleming, Round Table reporter November 4, 2015

Fans of the "American Horror Story" series were incredibly excited for the premiere of "Hotel," the new season of the horror show and were definitely satisfied with what they saw. The new season was...

Sand dunes in Michigan

Michigan isn’t what you would expect

By Kim Fleming , Round Table reporter October 29, 2015

When people in the Middletown Valley think of Michigan, they probably don’t think of it as anything out of the ordinary. They don’t picture crisp, blue waves capping miles off the beach. They don’t...

MHS students use their devices in class to work on a project.

BYOD program grows at MHS

By Kim Fleming, Round Table reporter October 12, 2015

In recent years, Middletown High School teachers have been trying to incorporate “bring your own device” into the classroom to assist students in learning, and this year they will be encouraging it...

Hannibal came to an end, breaking the hearts of fans

By Kim Fleming, Round Table reporter October 1, 2015

Hannibal, a popular crime show that debuted on NBC in 2013, has recently come to the end of its final season and its viewers are heartbroken. The cancelled show followed the story of FBI special agent...

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