Hannibal came to an end, breaking the hearts of fans

By Kim Fleming, Round Table reporter

Hannibal, a popular crime show that debuted on NBC in 2013, has recently come to the end of its final season and its viewers are heartbroken.

The cancelled show followed the story of FBI special agent Will Graham, who suffered from a mental disorder which gave him the ability to put himself in someone else’s mind. This helped him greatly in tracking down serial killers.

Through this character, the show educated the public on mental illnesses, something that has never been addressed too heavily in television.

The viewers try to sympathize with Will, while also attempting to understand his thought process. It gave people a chance to see how those who suffer from mental illnesses don’t let it define them but also must endure a lot in order to cope with it.

“I personally believe that if the public doesn’t know and isn’t informed, they have no idea how to act to a situation that arises,” said Middletown High School junior, Austin Atherton.

Brianna Crutchfield, MHS sophomore, agreed in this, acknowledging that many people are misinformed on those diagnosed with mental disorders.

MHS sophomore Grace Sheedy added that the public should know that, “especially with depression,” people that have mental illnesses are judged which is actually “a big deal.”

Others had a different perspective on the show’s education of the public, addressing the stereotypical viewpoints of mental illness.

“There have been a lot of murder cases that (everyone) blames on insanity and it shows that there are disorders out there that people can’t control,” said Clay Smith, a senior at MHS.