MHS celebrates agriculture with their annual AG day

By Abby Huston, MHS Round table reporter

Ag day was recently held at Middletown High School on Wednesday April 27, 2016.

Ag day is a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. Every year producers, agricultural associations, corporations, public schools, and government agencies come together to appreciate the impacts of agriculture.

MHS Agriculture department celebrated this day by doing a number of things. Some students brought in their farm animals from home for other students to look at. This included horses, bunnies, cows, and even goats.

MHS sophomore Laruen Graham brought in her two goats to share with the school. “It was a lot of work. My goats ate a poster. And it added to the work with all the little kids around, I had to constantly make sure they didn’t scare the goats” added Graham.

Other activities included having a closer look at MHS student’s tractors, and activities like bubbles and crafts for the elementary school kids that came.

“To make next year more exciting for the high schoolers we might have a separate Ag day in the fall that has activities that are at a high school level.” said Sara Seiser who is part of the Career and Technology department at MHS, and helped run Ag day.