Career and Tech Ed teacher of the year award is presented

By Adrienne Lowery, Round Table Reporter

On May 4, 2015 Mrs. Shriner, was presented with the Career and Technology Education teacher of the year award.

Two high school teachers, one middle school teacher, and one new teacher is presented this award every year.

After teaching for nine years, Mrs. Shriner reached her goal yet again. Before she started teaching in Maryland she taught in North Carolina.

In North Carolina she was awarded the CTE teacher of the year award. As soon as she heard they present this award in Maryland, she made it her goal to be awarded it yet again.

“They came to the school and surprised me balloons” said Mrs. Shriner.

Inorder to be considered for the CTE award a teacher must me nominated.

Mrs. Seiser nominated Mrs. Shriner for the CTE teacher of the year award.

Mrs. Shriner is glad to receive this award again because “[it] recognizes all the hardwork I’ve done for students at school.”