Chipotle proves to be a good idea for a fundraiser spot


Photo by Wikicommons

By Victoria Faron, Round Table copy editor

Since Chipotle Mexican Grill opened in Frederick, it has become a favorite for high school students across the county.  Many of them flock there after school, on lunch break and before or after sporting events, drawn in by their great-tasting, natural food. It’s a place of community, where friends can come together in an exciting, energetic environment.

The popularity of this restaurant has not been overlooked by Middletown High School. The Senior Executive Board is teaming up with Chipotle to raise money for the class of 2016.

Anyone who visits the restaurant on Tuesday November 10th between 5:00 and 8:00 P.M. can inform their cashier that they are supporting MHS senior class, or show them a one of the fliers hanging up around the school and fifty-percent of their entire purchase will be donated towards the senior class.

MHS senior Emma Stokes thinks that Chipotle was a good choice for senior night, as “pretty much everyone likes it and eats there regularly.” She believes holding senior night at a popular restaurant like Chipotle will encourage more people to readily participate in the fundraiser.

Katie Germain, another senior at MHS, is also excited to participate in senior night. It’s one of her favorite restaurants, along with being the favorite of many of her friends. Germain states that Chipotle was definitely “one of the better options that Senior Executive Board could’ve picked.”

Senior night isn’t just for seniors. There are many parents, teachers and underclassman that plan to visit Chipotle on Tuesday night. Several freshman, sophomores, and juniors joke that it’s just another excuse for them to visit the fast-food chain – but this time it’s for a good cause.

The junior class has to pay for prom, so they go into their senior year with a lack of funds. Fundraisers, like Claire’s Gourmet and Chipotle, help put spending money back into the system. This money goes towards graduation and other senior events that are voted upon by the Senior Executive Board.  Specifically, this fundraiser at Chipotle has been in place for several years now and usually succeeds in producing a significant amount of money for the senior class.

Whatever funds are left over after the class of 2016 has graduated is donated towards the class of 2017 for their senior year, so fundraisers like these continue to benefit MHS long after they have ended.