We are counting down the days

By Evan Moreland, Ruond Table Reporter

The Middletown High School senior countdown is finally up, signifying the end of high school for the class of 2015, whose graduation is set for June, 2nd.

A 10 day delay was set for this year’s countdown, starting with a 20 day countdown instead of a 30 day countdown like in years past.

The 10 day delay was due to the fact that “The senior class advisors thought that the countdown was being put up awfully early. It was disconcerting to underclassmen since they will be in school until June 18th. Said Middletown High School Principal Lee Jeffery.

And with help from the custodial staff, the countdown was officially changed from 30 to 20 days.

“30 school days is around a month and a half. We just thought that 20 days would benefit everyone.” Added Jeffery.

The snow days this year delayed the start of summer and caused schedule changes during the school year.

The senior countdown has become a staple at Middletown High School signifying the end of the year. It always has seniors excited for the end of their high school career and what the future holds for them.

This year’s seniors’ behavior has been absolutely excellent. Said Jeffrey when questioned about how the senior countdown affects behavior in the school.

When asked if 20 days would become the new norm for the senior countdown, Jeffery Said “Every year will be different. So next year with seven snow days built in the calendar the senior countdown may change once again.”