MHS theatre department’s Haunted House spooks Middletown

By Abbe Pannucci, Round Table Reporter

Vampires and zombies await visitors to “Nightmare in the Valley,” Middletown High School’s annual haunted house, which will take place in the MHS auditorium on Oct. 24, 25, 26 and 31, and Nov. 1.

This year’s haunted house theme, “Tales of the Night,” is literature.  The set is designed around the theme, including different rooms that are based on scary stories.  There will be lots of sharp angles to walk through, and even a bridge. Different rooms will include vampires, zombies, scary dolls and much more. The students participating have been working long hours most days after school and on the weekends to plan, build and paint Middletown’s house of horror.

Mary Lagnese, MHS freshman and makeup artist for the production, said, “The haunted house is a really good opportunity to break out of your shell because you get to work with people and be creative.”

“Participating in the haunted house allows you to express yourself and explore your creativity working with costumes, props, and amazing people,” said Max Lamb, MHS freshman and a vampire victim in the house.

The students and advisors have gone through some hardships, however, with pulling together such a large task.

Lagnese said it’s difficult to find people who will “go the extra mile” to help for the long hours it takes to set up.

Maria Duva, Middletown High School chemistry teacher and member of the drama boosters, said, “The timeline is difficult to be able to get things done in, but we couldn’t do it without the help of Mr. Pressly [the parent advisor].”

On one of the nights the house is open, the actors tone down the scare factor so that younger children and their families can also enjoy the haunted house.

“The majority of people who come to see [the haunted house] are students and their families,” said Duva, “so we like to make it a little less scary one night for younger students or siblings.”

Reilly Caldwell, MHS sophomore, said she thinks the rooms in the haunted house are “scary and half of them are hilarious.”

“Some things are really messed up about it, but I love it,” said MHS freshman Rebecca Roeder.

“I love screaming and seeing all my friends dressed up,” added Caldwell.