Hay, the scarecrows are in Middletown

By Garrett Baker, Round Table Reporter

The annual Middletown scarecrow contest was held on Oct. 18, after a multitude of scarecrows of all shapes and sizes were displayed on the sidewalks outside homes and businesses throughout Main Street for everyone to see.

Many people all over Middletown create elaborate scarecrows for the contest, and people can vote for their favorites in two categories: scarecrows created by one person and scarecrows created by a family or business.

Included in the voting is the “Burgess vote,” which is the vote by the town Burgess, Middletown High School social studies teacher John Miller.

Prizes are given out to the winners of their respective categories.

“There are some monetary prizes and gift certificates,” said Miller.

This year’s contest has received the most ballots since the start of the contest, with 215 votes, but there’s still room to improve.

The contest started ten years ago by a group that is now called the Middletown Arts and Activities Council. The idea for the contest was introduced by Cynthia Corcoran, but now the contest is under the control of Molly Durr.

Miller added that they have improved in recent years based on suggestions by the people of Middletown. The contest is trying to get more participants every year and Miller said “through email blasts and publishes in the newspaper,” they can get more participants.

Miller added, “The best part for me is seeing the creativity that people have in putting them together.”