March Madness has begun

Students express their feelings on March Madness

By Evan Moreland, Round Table Reporter

Middletown High School students react to march madness and the brackets that are so popular amongst students and staff.


As the March Madness tournament ends so does bracket madness, which raises the question whether the brackets have become more popular or important than the outcome of the games.


Students agreed that the brackets have become bigger than the tournament itself.


“I feel that people who watch the tournament care more about their brackets than the outcome of the basketball game.” Said Middletown High School sophomore Brett Harshman.


Some students believed that the brackets were causing people to have a small interest in the games being played.


MHS senior Daustin Chen added “It’s all about the brackets. All you hear about are people’s brackets. There is little interest in the basketball being played.”


The trend of the bracket has even caused restaurant’s to use the tournament as advertising to draw in customers.


McDonalds has ads about brackets, which shows that they are appealing more to people who filled out brackets. Said Middletown High School senior Tucker Ziegler