MHS brings back homecoming “princes” and “princesses”

By Kim Fleming, Round Table reporter

For the first time in a few years, Middletown High School has decided to bring back the election of homecoming princes and princesses from the freshman, sophomore and junior classes along with a king and queen from the senior class. MHS students have mixed reactions on this and are wondering what influenced the decision to revisit the idea.

Some of the students elected for the prince and princess homecoming courts include Daniel Racz and Hayley Barnett from the freshman class, Matt Evich and Megan Cleverly from the sophomore class, and Mert Gulen and Kelsey Buckley from the junior class.

“The primary reason for (including princes and princesses) was to kind of help include underclassmen more,” said MHS SGA President Camden Raynor.

Raynor added that the SGA felt that waiting to be a senior to get on the court “wasn’t very inclusive.”

Students seemed to like the idea of having a court for each grade and understood the reason why the SGA decided to bring princes and princesses back.

“I think it’s cool because it includes all the grades,” said MHS sophomore Catherine Page.

MHS sophomore Jessica Yeager said, “I think they did princes and princess this year to try and include all of the grades in homecoming festivities.”

Although seniors didn’t favor the idea at first because they felt it wasn’t as prestigious, Raynor said that seniors still get to ride in the parade and get announced at the dance.

“Once they realized it’s all about inclusivity…the seniors went along with it great,” he added.

Underclassmen also had to think about who to elect for the courts.

“In order to be a princess I think you have to be respectful, polite, funny, courageous, and nice,” said Barnett.