Reactions: Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor

Reactions: Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor

By Ally Pick, Round Table reporter

Middletown High School students reacted to the recent news of the resignation of Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor in President Trump’s administration.

Flynn resigned after being accused of talking to Russian officials about sanctions prior to the inauguration, which would be considered by some unethical and inappropriate under U.S. policy.

While some students were well educated on the story and how they felt, others felt unaffected by the story altogether.

“I feel indifferent,” said Emily Pusey, MHS junior, “because I didn’t know anything about it to begin with.”

Some students seemed conflicted by their ideas of what is right and wrong in this story.

MHS sophomore Max Smullen said he agrees that Flynn’s acts were legally wrong, but not morally wrong. Smullen said that Flynn was merely getting a head start on the acts of the Trump administration.

Other students were clear with their ideas that Flynn was wrong and stepping down was the only option he had.

MHS junior Marshall Darby said, that he’s glad Flynn stepped down because if you’re going to be working in the president’s administration you shouldn’t be talking to other leaders and “making deals to help or hurt America