Students in the running for SGA

By Kim Fleming, Round Table Reporter

Camden Raynor and Nikki Dennison were elected as Middletown High School’s SGA president and vice president for the 2015-2016 school year when the election came to a close in late april.

Adrienne Lowery became the 2015-2016 SGA secretary as presidential runner-up.

Cam’s strong campaign proved to be favorable amongst students, using the hashtag “#CamHasaPlan” to show his goals as president and to gain support whereas Nikki was running unopposed.

“#CamHasaPlan took me to victory,” said Raynor.

These were the only three students running in the election this year for positions in the student government.

“Our executive board was mostly seniors this year and we just changed the constitution requirements so incoming sophomores couldn’t run and no incoming juniors were interested,” said Lowery.

Raynor, Dennison, and Lowery were the only incoming seniors interested in SGA for next school year.

The candidates say they became interested in SGA in middle school and decided to run for a variety of reasons.

Dennison said she got involved with it because one of her “friends was in SGA in 8th grade and they decorated formals and events” and she thought she would enjoy those types of activities.

Lowery decided to run in the election because she liked the responsibility wanted to be a second generation president by following her mother’s footsteps.

The SGA is hoping to get more students involved with it in the future.

“We do plan to get the head of all the different organizations next year and have a big meeting to reflect on what we did this year and what we want our goals to be and get more people interested in SGA,” said Dennison.

Raynor added that they will try to “make the officers personable to make people feel more comfortable” with them when approaching them with problems and suggestions.

This year was also the second year the SGA has used QR codes for electronic voting in the election.

Lowery said she feels that “people didn’t really vote as much” due to this.