Sheppard’s newest album can’t escape your mind

By Freddy Roberts , Round Table Online Editor

With rhythms and beats that can’t escape your mind, Sheppard’s single hit “Geronimo” makes its way to the top. Now that the Australian band has made it to number one on U.S. charts, it has come back with a new album, “Bombs Away.”

The name “Bombs Away” seems to come from the very song itself, being sung by back-up vocalists who are a part of the group.

We can make this leap through the curtains of the waterfall…

This song gives out a sense of faith that anything can be accomplished.  Defiance and rebelliousness could explain the song’s theme in a single word.

Because of “Geronimo’s” lively tone and hopeful mood, the song has knocked Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” off of the Australian charts.

As George and Amy Sheppard use falsettos to grab the attention of the audience, their voices harmonize along with the rest of the band to create imagery for the listeners.

“Geronimo” isn’t the only song on “Bombs Away.” It also showcases 12 of their newest tunes.

Another song that stood out was “Let Me Down Easy.” The melody has even become the most requested song for four weeks in a row on KNRK in Portland.

Cause I know you’d rather run than stay and try. Cause I know it’s that must easier to say goodbye.

As “Let Me Down Easy” provides a sorrowful message with a upbeat mood, the song seems to be directed as a sad love story. It may even seem that singers George and Amy just want an “easy” goodbye. The tone and mood could create a way of just letting go.

“Let Me Down Easy” was a breakthrough for Sheppard in Australia. The band secured its first appearance on television on Mornings, with host and radio DJ David Campbell.

Not only does the album include upbeat songs, there is also explicit content that may not be viewer friendly for the general audience.

“Something’s Missing” and “Find Someone” use vulgar language to get a point across that exudes a strong sense of sonic bliss. The word choices seem somewhat inappropriate for the songs, for the messages could be taken in by the listener without any rude expressions.

The subject matter may be somewhat dark, but George and Amy Sheppard try to “make the light of it.” By doing this, they create lyrics that are about laughing and making sad things happy.

These two songs show a different side of the band.

“Something’s Missing” is sung as if love is painful and incomplete. Sheppard’s message though throughout the song could be about second chances.

“Find Someone” has a theme as if the present relationship is hopeless. The cursing is repeated multiple times to get across that the singer wants someone who actually cares about him.

Throughout the different melodies and rhythms, Sheppard has made a wonderful first impression for its audience. Overall, the songs have vaulted on both U.S. and Australian charts, and in only three weeks the music, especially “Geronimo,” has been the “longest independent #1 song Australian history.”

Sheppard has a bright and full future ahead of them, filled with music. Hopefully the band continues making more debut songs, and soon albums.