Review: The Lion King


By Hanna Green, RoundTable Media Reporter

It was the hit movie of summer 2019, the live action movie, The Lion King. The characters in this movie are seen as real animals but played by different people such as Beyonce and Seth Rogan. 

In the new movie they sing the same songs as the original movie but different actors sing them. Personally I did not like the songs as much as how the songs in the original were sung but I could tell they tried to make the singers in the new one sound the same as the old one. 

In this movie the characters were seen as real animals that talked. The voices of the characters such as Scar was quite different compared to the original Lion King movie. Scar’s voice was more raspy in the original than the new one. The voices didn’t seem to match at all with the original movie, which to me is important but if the producers were trying to make something different by adding different voices then I understand that.

 Making the new movie a live action movie with real animals I think wasn’t a very good decision. You can’t see the expression and character within the animals. The monkey Rafiki was just a regular monkey and not the crazy looking monkey that he looks like in the original. The look of the characters is what helps shape the characters personality and using real animals doesn’t do that. Not only that but you can’t really see the animals facial expressions in the movie whether they are happy or sad. In some parts when Scar is joking or doing something controversial you don’t see a smirk on his face or a smile like you would in the original. Not knowing a character’s facial expression makes it hard to understand what that character means or is feeling when they say a phrase.    

I have heard that some people think this movie is good and some people think this movie is bad and that there is no inbetween. To me this movie was not that good only because it’s hard to make something as good as the original was. The original Lion King movie was outstanding so it’s hard to live up to those expectations. If you haven’t seen the original I would definitely go see instead of the live action movie.