The classic promposal, overrated

By Katie Clipp, Round Table Reporter

Many people that are not in high school are not up to date on promposals. This means that a student is asking another student to prom in a very over-the-top way.

It may be called overrated though because of the standards. The student being asked often knows that they are going to get asked, the person asking does not want to risk the reply of “no.”

With the help of many friends ideas are thought up and bounced back and forth, but what is the point if you already know?

They would be more exciting and meaningful if the person was completely surprised by this gesture.

There is pressure added to the students’ social life; for both the guys and the girls.

For the boys it is the pressure of picking the perfect girl, and then comes the pressure of making sure his “promposal” is unique. The guys often check with each other to make sure their idea is not being copied. Very few times an idea may be copied; this presents too much drama for guys. They overreact way more than the girls ever would.

For the girls the most stressful thing about this is making sure that they have a date; that a guy actually wants to go with them.

These “promposals” usually only happen the to “cool kids.” Pretty girls and jock guys…

You never see the quite or not-so-popular kids going above and beyond to ask another student to prom.

Although some of these can be adorable, unique, and well thought out it is not too fair to the people left out.

Personally I have never received, nor given, a promposal. I also do not plan to.

Why can’t this be simple?

That is not our generation, everyone makes a big deal out of nothing and they want everyone to know. Posting it all over their social media, of course, making sure people know.

There are even some social media pages dedicated to the different ways people come up with.

In the end “promposals” are just overrated.