A different take on Valentine’s day…

Valentine’s day; the one day of the year when you feel obligated to shower your loved one with as many candy bars, cute fluffy toys and poetry that their sanity can handle. But many students complain that the holiday puts too much pressure on their busy schedules. Who needs another monotonous thing to stress over, anyhow?

This year, it is estimated that the average shopper will spend over fifty dollars on their special someone. They are not just talking about the old married couples, people, they are referring to anyone who participates in the pre-Valentine’s day rush.

Fellow peers, let us be real for a minute- it’s not like you really intend to marry the person you date at sixteen, so why spend money like you do? There are much more valuable things just waiting to be bought- perhaps, a romance comedy? A tub of Moose-Tracks ice cream? Whatever your little heart desires- or needs, rather.

Maybe I can make them a nice card?’ Boyfriends may ponder, as the 14th encroaches, ‘Or take them out to some hole in the wall, downtown to eat?’ However you decide to treat your honey this year, be sure that the occasion will ignite enough sparks to dry Niagara Falls to a crisp. Otherwise, you might be shunned- and young men, you’re not going to let other guy’s step all over your ego, now are you?

Of course, not. So make it a night that she‘ll remember for as long as you two are together.

After all, in this day and age, not participating in such a holiday would be considered taboo. So do not think there is any way out of the binding force of Valentine’s Day, unless of course, you decide to spend a nice evening with two of your dearest friends: Ben and Jerry.