A piece of senior advice…

Last one from me. If I can say anything about your senior year it’s that it goes by so quickly. Every year you hear the seniors say that, but you never realize how true it is until it’s you. August to May. Ten months. It sounds like a long time but it goes by so quickly.

One minute it’s the Football game on Black Friday and you’re cheering on the Knights, and the next thing you know you’re watching the quarterback parade around the stage in a skirt for Mr. Middletown.

The only thing you can do is take it one day at a time and savor every moment. You might be excited to move on and go to college but I guarantee that a part of you will miss Middletown High School. You’ll miss the orange and black lockers, and the freezing classrooms, and the people in your grade. So don’t rush through your senior year.

Take every day as new memory that you want to hold onto during college.

There will be plenty of stressful moments that you’ll want to forget, so remember to fill your year will memories that you’ll treasure. Go to the games, participate in spirit weeks, spend time with your friends, indulge in the time you have because next year everything will be different.

I can’t stress this enough! Your senior year is meant to be a momentous occasion, something you will look back on for years to come, and tell your kids about. The year goes by so quickly to waste it spending your Friday nights alone studying. Yes, you should work hard and try to get good grades but you need to have fun!

You won’t be a senior forever; soon you’ll be a freshman again. Learning all new things, in a whole new place. You’ll have new friends and intimidating professors. So take the time now to enjoy high school and just make memories.

Before you know it you’ll walk through the double doors and see the senior hallway decked out in orange and black, and the colorful countdown will be left on a lonely zero. And your days as a high school student will be over.