The plight of school vending machines

Middletown High School students are always looking for an early morning or afternoon snack during the school day and vending machines are key for these needs; but students can’t get any snacks from the vending machines because they don’t work until 2:16. The clocks inside the snack-filled machines haven’t changed since Daylight Savings Time. I’m not a big fan of being stuck in the past, but aparrently, vending machines are.

The war pitted against teens and vending machines is in full force. In one corner, a depressed, stagnate vending machine, and in the other, a hungry, sugar-loving student. While the nurse has not seen an increase in bruised knuckles on behalf of vented anger by students against these evil machines, the frustration exists, albeit quietly.

 Many people have different views on this issue. A portion of these views state that the vending machines should be open during the day, so that if people want snacks they can get them easily.

 Another view is that we shouldn’t be allowed to have access to the vending machines during the day for health purposes. If students have too much access to the vending machines then they might take it for granted.

 Also, students might bring the food into classrooms, eat it during class and leave wrappers on the floor or in a desk, which gives the custodians more to clean up. This is a lose-lose for everybody since eating in classrooms is already somewhat frowned upon and even forbidden in my classrooms.

 Miranda Mossburg a MHS freshmen says, “I think that they should be available during the day or at least during the lunch shifts so we can get more snacks.”