Love is on the air

It might as well be the fourth of July with all the sparks in the air.  It’s that season again; it’s bachelor season.  For the past 12 years, The Bachelor has caught many women’s attention.  And this season is no different, as it already has viewers around the country hook, line and sinker.

 The Bachelor is all about finding love.  Twenty-five women come from all over the country in hopes that they will fall in love.  However, all 25 women are competing for the same man.

Each week there are two one-on-one dates, one group date and one cocktail party before the rose ceremony.  At the rose ceremony, the bachelor chooses who to send home and who to keep on the show.

I was skeptical of the show at first, but, once I gave it a chance, there was no turning back.  Like many other fans, I was obsessed.  The Bachelor has everything; it has romance, seriousness, humor and, of course, drama.

Whenever a large group of girls are put in a house, there are bound to be cat fights.  But if you add a man to the mix, the claws really come out and true colors are shown.

This season on The Bachelor, one girl especially brought drama to the house.  Tierra puts on a pretty face for bachelor Sean Lowe, but, behind closed doors, her mask is removed.  Episode after episode, viewers are just waiting to what she does next.

Some may say that it’s just the same thing each season or that the drama gets old.  As a newcomer to the show, I wouldn’t know yet, but I do know that so far I’m hooked.  Many other viewers must share similar views, because they keep coming back for more.

Like numerous other viewers, I have fun picking out my favorite girl on the show.  The fan favorites vary, but, despite who your pick for Lowe is, we’re all rooting for the same thing – love.

For some fans, the show is reminiscent of when they were young and in love.  For others, it relates to how they currently feel.  And for the rest, it gives hope for the future and motivation to keep waiting for “the one.”