Reactions: Anthony Bourdain dies at age 61


By Leah Heon, Round Table news staff

Recently, Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef and documentarian, was found deceased in his hotel room as a result of an apparent suicide. Middletown High School students react to the shocking news.

Some students were saddened by the news of Bourdain’s death.

“I think his death is very sad and tragic,” said MHS junior Allison Shaulis, “It’s sad to know that a man who made people so happy was struggling…”

Alexa Orlando, MHS junior, said, “I feel sad that he killed himself because no one should feel like that’s the only option they have.”

The news of Bourdain’s death came just days after designer Kate Spade was found deceased in her apartment as a result of hanging. This recent outbreak of celebrity deaths by suicide has raised awareness for the topic.

Shaulis said, “I think that suicide isn’t talked about enough, and it’s a real issue in today’s society.”

“… I think it’s terrible and I know a lot of help is available,” said MHS sophomore Connor Sano, “… we should all try and be more positive.”

Students share steps to take in order to prevent suicide.

Orlando added, “I think we should also get rid of the stigma surrounding mental health… and it’s not a bad thing to get help if you need it.”

“Most importantly, as a society we need to be more compassionate and kind,” added Shaulis.