Trophy cases cloud MHS victories

Middletown High School has earned a lot of trophies over the years and displays them in non-uniform cases that are chipping and dented. It is time that moved them all to one spot and show how proud the school is of its trophies.

The trophies should get a case either right in front of a wall or built into the wall to show support of the people/teams that put a lot of effort into winning those trophies. The trophy case should be in the lobby where everyone can see it so that when people walk in, they get a sense of pride and joy.

Right now the trophy cases are scattered around the school in meaningless spots. In the cafeteria on the back wall, they are constantly being run into to the point where they are dented and chipping.

There are trophy cases in the lobby, but they are out of sight and hidden by a wall. How is Middletown supposed to show students from visiting schools that MHS is the best, if all visitors see of the trophy cases is the fact that they are chipped and dented?

The Knights have earned trophies for pretty much every sport played at least once. Why isn’t the school showing this to the world? What it is showing them is, “Yeah, we are good, but we don’t think that we are.”

Refinish the trophy cases and put them where people can see them.  There, everyone will not only be able to see them, but they won’t get bumped into and suffer further damage.

Those trophy cases hold trophies that go way back. Those trophies are being ignored because they aren’t in the public eye. Middletown needs to put the success of its teams from years past in a case with success of teams now and put the case where everyone can see it.